Coping for Fiberglass Pools


VASTEC USA's bendable aluminum Coping For Fiberglass Pools is the solution for many of the problems encountered with styrofoam cantilever deck forms.

Standard colors for our coping for fiberglass pools are white, tan and gray. Each box of coping is a complete kit with 128' of coping, 72 anchors, 18 clips and 200 tek screws. No coping stones, bricks or foam forms are needed.

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About Us

VASTEC USA was founded by veteran pool builder Ray Stancill.  He uses his decades of experience as a pool builder to create products that save pool builders time and money in the fast-growing fiberglass pool sector.  Following years of frustration using foam form applications, he developed a revolutionary brand of coping for fiberglass pools.  With foam form applications, issues arose with installers having to physically get into the pools to finish the concrete surface.  In cold weather this could not be done without a wet suit.  Other issues were removal of concrete forms too early, which leaves holes in concrete that needed to be filled, messy debris falling into the pool, inconsistent and imperfect results and time consuming cleanup.

Mr. Stancill knew that there had to be something out there that addressed these issues.  It had to be rigid, yet flexible enough to bend to the many shapes and sizes of today’s fiberglass pools.  It had to be easier to install and require less cleanup.  It had to save time, save money, and look great.

After speaking with several metal manufacturers no one was able to produce such a product. Finally, a manufacturer in Canada was able to see the same vision as Mr. Stancill. Drawings and profiles were sent to the Canadian manufacturer and within several months a prototype was created.

At that point a patent application was submitted and the rest is history.

VASTEC USA’s innovative aluminum coping eliminates costly and difficult steps from the fiberglass pool installation process. This new coping can bend and flex to fit the shape of any fiberglass pool, and allows up to one inch of shimming for out of level pools.  It looks great by itself or with tile and leaves a clean, modern finish that shows off the curves of today’s fiberglass pools.  The durable, enamel finish is available in white, tan and gray with custom colors available.

Order forms may be downloaded here and orders may be faxed to 302-732-1403. We also accept orders by phone and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does your coping work on all fiberglass pools?

A: Yes. This coping is compatible with all fiberglass pools including older fiberglass panel pools. It can be used on gunite/concrete pools as well. Coping for vinyl liner pools is also available.

Q:  We use foam forms, is your coping better?

A:  This coping is a solution to common problems encountered using foam forms. It can be installed without getting into the pool, by a 2-man crew, in about an hour. It doesn’t fall off or blow out. It bends easily to fit the curves of the pool. It screws down and gets anchored in place. No forms to remove or final finishing to be done after the deck is poured. No need to get into the pool to finish the cantilever edge/face. No chance of cracking, crumbling, honeycombed cantilever with this coping. You get a clean, consistent, level finished product every time.

Q:  How is your coping made?

A:  After years of importing this coping from China and Canada, we decided to expand our US facility and we are now making this coping entirely in the US, giving us much greater control and flexibility over our processes and improving lead times and options for our customers. This is an aluminum extrusion, cut into 8 foot sections, notched for flexibility so you can bend it by hand to fit the pool at the job site. It is treated for corrosion and chemical resistance. It is painted with a flexible, durable, and beautiful paint in our new upgraded and improved paint shop, and is available in many colors. We now have the ability to do custom colors so let us know what you would like to see. 

Q:  How does it fit the curves of the pool?

A:  Our aluminum coping is flexible enough to bend with the curves of any fiberglass pool, yet rigid enough to remain straight where required.  The tek screws, anchors, and clips (all included) provide additional support and allow concrete to be poured up to the top of the coping.

Q:  Will it last?

A:  When our coping is properly installed it should last as long as the fiberglass pool does.  Aluminum does not rust.  The paint will not crack under bending stress.  If there is ever a need we do offer a perfect match touch up spray paint, but under normal use it should not be necessary.

Q:  Can I use your coping with tile?

A:  Yes.  Our coping is compatible with a variety of building materials including tile, brick, paving stones, concrete surface finishes, waterfalls, rocks and other poolscaping elements.

Q:  Lead times...when should I place my order?

A:  We try to ship your order the same day. Time in transit is generally 1-3 business days. Now that we are manufacturing this coping in America, we can deliver anywhere on the east coast within 1-3 days. Slightly longer for locations farther west. Once you receive your coping, if all goes well, a good crew with experience can install this coping in about one hour and be ready for concrete.

Q:  Do you have other colors?

A:  We do now. Our new paint system allows us to provide custom colors on fairly short notice with minimal additional cost to our customers so don't hesitate to ask about special colors. We can match concrete colors, house trim colors, pool colors, tile, pretty much anything you can think of. We can do metallic, pearlescent, matte, sparkle. Basically anything except camo and rainbow, but we're working on it!

Q:  How much coping will I need to complete a pool?

A:  One box (128 ft) will cover a large 16’x45’ fiberglass pool. Screws, anchors and clips are included. Shims and tape are extra. Two boxes is enough for three small pools. Three boxes will do five small pools. We also sell it by the piece (8 ft) for special situations.

Q:  What if my pool is out of level?

A:  Sometimes no matter what you do you just can't get fiberglass pools to sit perfectly level. This coping can be shimmed and leveled to compensate for any off-level areas on the pool. We offer composite shims for this purpose, or to elevate the coping to fully expose waterline tile. On out-of-level fiberglass pools you put the shims under the coping tabs where the pool is lower. This elevates the coping so that the coping matches the waterline and gives you a level finished product. They are a composite material so they will last as long as the pool does. The coping should always be shimmed to match the water line and the finished project will appear much nicer and more professional.