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 VASTEC USA was founded by veteran pool builder Ray Stancill.  He uses his decades of experience as a pool builder to create products that save pool builders time and money in the fast-growing fiberglass pool sector.  Following years of frustration using foam form applications, he developed a revolutionary brand of coping for fiberglass pools.  With foam form applications, issues arose with installers having to physically get into the pools to finish the concrete surface.  In cold weather this could not be done without a wet suit.  Other issues were removal of concrete forms too early, which leaves holes in concrete that needed to be filled, messy debris falling into the pool, inconsistent and imperfect results and time consuming cleanup.

Mr. Stancill knew that there had to be something out there that addressed these issues.  It had to be rigid, yet flexible enough to bend to the many shapes and sizes of today’s fiberglass pools.  It had to be easier to install and require less cleanup.  It had to save time, save money, and look great.
After speaking with several metal manufacturers, one was able to see the same vision as Mr. Stancill. Drawings and profiles were sent to the manufacturer and within several months a prototype was created.

At that point a patent application was submitted and the rest is history.
VASTEC USA’s innovative aluminum coping eliminates costly and difficult steps from the fiberglass pool installation process.  This new coping can bend and flex to fit the shape of any fiberglass pool, and allows up to one inch of shimming for out of level pools.  It looks great by itself or with tile and leaves a clean, modern finish that shows off the curves of today’s fiberglass pools. Standard colors for the beautiful, durable finish are white, tan and gray with custom colors available. 

Each box is a complete kit with 128' of coping, 72 anchors, 18 clips, 200 tek screws.  One box covers a 24’x40’ fiberglass pool.  No coping stones, bricks or foam forms are needed.  Special pricing is available on qualified orders, call for more info.  Order forms may be downloaded here and orders may be faxed to 302-732-1403.  We also accept orders by phone and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.