Q:  Does your coping work on all fiberglass pools?
A:  Yes. This coping is compatible with all fiberglass pools. It can also be used on fiberglass panel pools and concrete pools. We have coping for liner pools here.

Q:  We use foam forms, is your coping better?
A:  Our coping was developed as a solution to some of the problems encountered in using foam forms.  Most customers will find VASTEC USA’s coping is much easier to install and presents a much cleaner finished product.  There is virtually no cleanup or final finishing required after the deck is poured.

Q:  How is your coping made?
A:  This is an aluminum extrusion, cut into 8 foot sections, notched for flexibility so you can bend it by hand to fit the pool at the job site. It is treated for corrosion and chemical resistance, then painted with a flexible, durable, and beautiful paint available in many colors. After years of importing this coping from China and Canada, we decided to expand our US facility and we are now making this coping entirely in the US.

Q:  How does it fit the curves of the pool?
A:  Our aluminum coping is flexible enough to bend with the curves of any fiberglass pool, yet rigid enough to remain straight where required.  The tek screws, anchors, and clips (all included) provide additional support and allow concrete to be poured up to the top of the coping.

Q:  Will it last?
A:  When our coping is properly installed it should last as long as the fiberglass pool does.  Aluminum does not rust.  The paint will not crack under bending stress.  If there is ever a need we do offer a perfect match touch up spray paint, but under normal use it should not be necessary.

Q:  Can I use your coping with tile?
A:  Yes. This coping is compatible with a variety of building materials including tile, brick, paving stones, concrete surface finishes, waterfalls, fountains, rocks, fiberoptics, and other common pool elements, including salt systems and spillover spas. It goes great with waterline tile and stamped or colored concrete decks.

Q:  How soon can I get a box?
A:  Shipping generally takes 3-5 business days.

Q:  Do you have other colors?
A:  Custom colors can be provided on volume orders, call us for more info.

Q:  How much coping will I need to complete a pool?
A:  One box (128 ft) will cover a large 24’x40’ fiberglass pool. Screws, anchors and clips are included. Shims and tape are extra. Two boxes is enough for three small pools. Three boxes will do up to five pools.

For additional questions or for more information please contact us