Product Info

Our coping for fiberglass pools is available in white, tan and gray. Each box of coping comes complete with: 128' of coping, 72 anchors, 18 clips, 200 tek screws.

No coping stones, bricks or foam forms are needed. Call or contact us for pricing information. If you are interested in placing an order, please download our ordering form here. 

Orders may be faxed to 302-732-1403.

Learn how to properly install Vastec Coping by downloading our Instruction Manual. You can also view our detailed profile drawing here.

Download a complete product information packet here.

Customer Feedback

"This stuff is a dream come true. Those styrofoam concrete forms are a real pain.”

Tom, Seasonal Solutions, Crystal Palace dealer, Delaware

“It’s a great product. I tell all my dealers about it. It makes their lives a lot easier.”

Tom, Sun Fiberglass Pools, Florida

“We are an authorized San Juan swimming pool dealer and we love selling and installing your metal coping for fiberglass pools.” 

Jim, A Best Pools & Spas, Alabama

“Your coping was easy to work with and gave our pool a nice finished look. We are glad we found about you and your product, we are very satisfied and will recommend you to anyone looking to install a pool.” 

Frank and Leslie, Pennsylvania

“Ray’s a great guy. I know we’ve referred several folks your way and will continue to do so.”

Stacy, Viking Pools, West Virginia

“We would like to use this more.” 

Tammy, WET Pools & Spas, Blue Hawaiian dealer, Illinois

“You guys have a good product. It’s a good solution to a common problem.” Keith, San Juan Pools Aqu@mall, Florida

“I used your coping for the first time last year and I plan to use a lot more of it this year.” 

Robert, CMC Pools, Aloha & Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools dealer, Iowa

“I bought a box of your coping and was able to resell it as a do-it-yourself kit for $1000.” 

Louie, Lighthouse Leisure, Viking Pools dealer, North Carolina

“My guys love it.” 

Lance, Makin’ Waves, Royal Fiberglass Pools dealer, Illinois

“The more I learn about them, I think fiberglass pools really are the way to go. And your coping definitely makes good sense too.” 

Tony, Delmarva Pools & Spas, Composite Pools dealer, Delaware

“We offer your coping as a standard option included with every pool.” 

Scott, Beach Town Pools, Sun Fiberglass Pools dealer, Virginia

“I’ve known Ray for years, and he got it right with this coping. I always tell my new dealers about it.”

Dave, Composite Pools, West Virginia